The Porcine Gene Expression Database (PGED)

Pig (Sus scrofa) is an important model organism for health science researches for its many similarities with humans in physiology, anatomy and size. Transcriptomics studies in the pig have greatly contributed to formulate hypotheses about the role of genes.

The Porcine Gene Expression Database (PGED) is an open-source web data repository specially for porcine gene expression data. It archives porcine gene expression data in different experiments and associated annotation. The gene expression data derived from the use of the Affymetrix GeneChip. PGED also incorporates associated functional annotation for gene expression data from public databases,such as NCBI and DAVID. The PGED currently hosts many expression data, including:(I) 12 GeneChips hybridized with Erhualian and Large White placentas on day 75 and 90 of gestation;(II) 6 GeneChips detected gene expression in porcine spleen under Haemophilus parasuis infection;(III) 9 GeneChips detected gene expression in porcine muscle on 33 days, 65 days of gestation, and adult;(IV)40 GeneChips detected different expression data in the porcine peripheral blood induced by poly I:C simulation.

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